Bay Area Entrepreneur in Residence

About ConsenSys

ConsenSys is building the future of decentralized work / systems through the creation of ethereum-based solutions (tools, protocols, and decentralized applications). We are a venture production studio which is home to over 40 projects and 600 employees across 30 different locations around the world. We are looking for the best minds, innovative thinkers, and lifetime practitioners to share their experience, expertise, and continue their work with ConsenSys Labs.


ConsenSys seeking Entrepreneur in Residence candidates

EIRs at ConsenSys are at an advantage to create the most successful blockchain companies thanks to the 600+ person company possessing the deepest knowledge on Ethereum blockchain and abundant resources. EIRs can enter with a specific business idea or join ConsenSys and learn more about the blockchain space while exploring opportunities and validating assumptions. An EIR has the ability to launch a business and raise capital via a token launch or traditional capital raising in addition to the funding ConsenSys provides. You will be granted high autonomy and the resources to set you up for success.


What ConsenSys provides an EIR
We will set you up for in-depth learning from all aspects of the 600+ person ConsenSys mesh.
We aim to make sure you own enough equity to be motivated to build a big business.
We aim for entrepreneurs to maintain sufficient governance control to own your destiny.
You will get a clear path and resources toward hiring employees and deploying capital.


Support services include, but are not limited to:

  • Decentralized application development and design
  • Product management and customer development support
  • Customer acquisition/retention, PR, content creation, and community management
  • Design resources, such as product and graphic designers, UX/UI, etc.
  • World-class diligence and security reviews
  • In-house legal counsel with access to top legal firms
  • Technical recruiting support from our in-house team
  • Mentorship / guidance from experienced entrepreneurs
  • OrgDev services: agile training, governance models, and facilitated retrospectives
  • Define, structure, and launch your token with our Token Services team
  • Capitalization strategy development, support, and execution
  • Access to all of our existing projects and other core groups within ConsenSys


Qualifications for a ConsenSys EIR

Successful track record as a technical, product, design, or business founder.

Serial entrepreneurs.

Previous experience starting and leading companies through to product-market fit and eventually going public or getting acquired.

We are also looking for people with deep vertical or business model expertise and have witnessed multiple market cycles and patterns which can be shared with other teams while you figure out what company you want to build next.


To apply, or share this opportunity with others, please email details about your interest and entrepreneurship experience to [email protected]